The term "business coaching" is sometimes used to describe the field of counseling and executive coaching. Coaching generally refers to professional counseling and leadership development that's used to improve the quality of personal and business relationships in an organization. When a person calls for guidance in a business or organizational setting, most people imagine a psychologist (e.g., licensed mental health counselors) rather than a business coach or executive coach. Common business coaching services include:

Business consulting: A business made simple coach focus is on creating solutions to organizational problems that don't involve the client directly, such as the creation of a strategic vision, organizational restructuring, business process improvement, and so forth. This type of coaching can include: helping with organizational development; helping clients identify and resolve conflict; assisting with communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving; helping clients plan for growth; and helping clients evaluate the viability of their business or organization. Business consultants typically offer: corporate and personal coaching, executive coaching, career planning & mentoring, and more. This can range from consulting to coaching to consulting/coaching to executive coaching.

Business training: If a person is interested in enhancing their ability to do business, this is usually what's required. Business training can include: public speaking, presentation planning, business analysis, business psychology, and business negotiation. Business trainers often provide seminars, presentations, workshops and other types of classes. Some people have business skills but lack the skills to apply them to business situations. Learn more about business at

Executive coaching: The goal of executive bms coach is to help executives become more effective leaders. Some of the areas of focus include: problem-solving skills, decision making, leadership development, team dynamics, and the use of metrics. Executive coaches will help clients build and manage teams; develop good leadership and decision-making skills; and learn about the most effective ways to use resources to get things done. They also work with executives to learn about motivation and self-motivation.

Executive coaching: Executive coaching is similar to business coaching, but it focuses on helping executives to create and maintain positive leadership roles within their organizations and make key decisions. Executive coaches help executive trainees (also called executive coaches, and executive development coaches) to increase their effectiveness and productivity in their professional roles and build relationships and trust within their organizations. Executive coaching may also include: business leadership development, team-building activities, leadership assessments, coaching, and leadership workshops.

These are just a few of the types of executive coaching. Other types of executive coaching services include: career coaching; executive coaching for women; career coaching for men; executive coaching for minorities; executive coaching for the disabled; personal coaching; strategic coaching; and leadership training.

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